image shows my avatar stood inside a house with a magnetic aura and a glove on one hand. To her side on the floor is a prompt to pick up a coin

What Does The Sols RNG Gilded Coin Do?

If you’re unsure how to get the Sols RNG Gilded Coin or don’t know what it does then my guide is exactly what you need! I explain the purpose of this fancy coin, how to get it a few different ways, and if it’s useful!

Sols RNG is pleasantly simple yet somehow equally addictive. You roll for an aura, then roll again and hope for something better! This subtle gambling game lets you craft and explore a small island to get better luck in hopes of finding insanely rare auras!

You can check out Sols RNG over on Roblox. I also made a What Are The Crafted Auras in Sols RNG? guide.

Sols RNG Gilded Coin – How To Get It

You can obtain the Gilded Coin in two main ways. Crafted at Jake’s Workshop or found scattered across the island. I’d personally recommend trying to find it, though the drop rate of the Gilded Coin is considerably lower than regular Coins.

Crafting the Gilded Coin requires only one ingredient, the Gilded Aura. Which has a 1 in 512 roll rate. Not overly rare, but not easy to come by either. Some crafted gauntlet recipes also require the Gilded Aura, so it seems a little bit wasteful to use it to make the Gilded Coin.

If you want to go for the Gilded Aura route, I recommend boosting your luck with a Gauntlet and some Potions, just for that extra boost.

What Does It Do?

Gilded Coins work like Coins but with a higher income when used. That is pretty much it. You can exchange money for more aura storage slots, so it is worth using a Gilded Coin if you have one! There is nothing more devastating than accidentally deleting a good aura because you rolled for a new one…

Overall Gilded Coins aren’t anything hugely special. They award you with around 100$ per coin whereas regular Coins drop a fraction of that. And, in the time it takes you to find enough regular coins to earn 100$, you could have found a single Gilded Coin making the entire hunt even out.