Solve Magical Mysteries in the Harry Potter-Inspired The Academy – The First Riddle

Who doesn’t like figuring out problems? And who doesn’t like magic? Well those two things are set to combine in upcoming adventure puzzler The Academy – The First Riddle.

Developer Pine Studio, who you might know from titles such as Faraway and The Birdcage, has released the first trailer for the game today. We’ve embedded it just below this paragraph, so let your eyes have a good look at it.

As well as drawing inspiration from Harry Potter, there’s a heavy does of Professor Layton in the game too. You’ll be moving around a gorgeous looking world, solving difficult puzzles and riddles to move the story along.

The game will last for around 20 hours and sees you playing as Sam. He’s a new recruit to a mysterious school known only as The Academy. You’ll explore the campus and take on more than 200 different puzzles as you do.

The game is going to cost $9.99 when it lands on the App Store, so it isn’t cheap, but you are getting a lot of head-scratching and grey-matter teasing for that price. When is the game out? Well it’s set to come out for iPhone and iPad on June 19th.

There isn’t that long to wait before you get to explore the academy then. What do you think? Is this the sort of adventure you’ve been longing for? Let us know in the comments section below.