Solve Puzzles and Build Your Own With King Rabbit for iPhone and iPad

King Rabbit is one of those games that just feels good in the palm of your hand. When you first start playing, moving your plucky bunny adventurer around with a few swipes, it feels great. And then the game opens up and becomes even more interesting.

For one thing it comes complete with a level editor. You can build your own puzzles and then share them with the world. Or just play get your friends to try and complete them.

The game looks lovely, and some of the ideas that it throws in your direction are really intriguing. Every now and then you come across something fresh and realise why you were having so much fun in the first place.

The level building software is really easy to get to grips with too. With a few swipes and taps you’ll be able to create your own head-scratching puzzles. There’s a real joy to the creative side of things, and it’s going to leave you with a big smile on your face.

If that sounds exciting, which we hope it does, you can click here to download King Rabbit from the App Store right now.