Songs of Travel

Songs of Travel Is An Upcoming Graphic Novel Title Set To Drop Later This Year!

I’m a crazy admirer of digital art. And if you’re, too, just like me, then you got to hear this! A new graphic novel title is set to drop on mobile devices later this year. Titled Songs of Travel, it’s full of cosy art and heartwarming stories. Keep reading to know more!

Sing The Songs of Travel

The game lets you dive into a beautifully coloured storyland. You tag along with five people who are packing up and moving to Europe. Light, Van, Michele, Hasan and Olya, each have their own stories to tell, which are about their journey to find a place where they fit in.

Light has bounced from Syria to Vienna while Van’s balancing life as a Vietnamese-German. Michele’s the son of a coal miner who didn’t make it out of a big disaster, while Hasan high-tailed it to Austria from Istanbul with his mother when he was just a toddler. Olya is a lawyer who had to flee twice, once from Donetsk and then from Ukraine, during the 2022 war.

As you hang out with them, you’ll also groove to a bunch of tunes that will get you right in the feels. It’s called Songs of Travel, after all! So, you can say that the graphic novel won’t be just any old swipe-and-tap game. It has stories, music and emotions. On that note, take a peek at the trailer below!

Are You Excited?

By the by, Songs of Travel is also going on a mini tour. The soundtrack that’s weaving through the game’s chapters will be hitting up some music festivals in Ireland, Sweden and Norway in 2024. It’ll take a bow in the Netherlands later in 2025.

The game’s developer, Causa Creations, is an Austrian boutique game development studio. They’ve been developing games since 2014. To learn more about Songs of Travel, head to the official website of Causa Creations.

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