‘Sonic Boom’ Animated Series Coming Soon


SEGA’s famous blue blur – Sonic the Hedgehog – is certainly no stranger to the realm of TV Shows, appearing in series such as: The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (better known as Sonic SatAM), Sonic Underground, and finally Sonic X. However – despite already appearing in a total of four different television series – Sonic hasn’t been in any animated projects since 2004, or 2005 if you don’t happen to live in Japan. This is all about to change as SEGA has recently announced that Sonic Boom – a working title – will be released on Cartoon Network sometime in fall of 2014, courtesy of Genao Productions.

The show – focusing on Sonic and Tails – has been officially described as a character driven comedy series, albeit one where a long trail of robotic wreckage gets left in its wake. Along for the ride are Amy and Knuckles, with Knuckles apparently having hit the gym recently, both of whom will help the iconic duo in their never ending struggle against the nefarious creations of Doctor Eggman. The list of villains – all destined to become scrap metal – has promised to include various recognizable fan-favorites, and also a plethora of all new originals created just for the show.

Sonic Boom is currently scheduled to consist of 52 episodes – each 11 minutes long – all of which will be created using CGI, with the production process overseen by none other than Takashi Iizuka. As the leader of Sonic Team, the group of programmers that brought the bulk of the series to life, Takashi Iizuka is there to ensure that this new show remains true to the Sonic brand. This is certainly a good thing, since many of Sonic’s fans – while loving Sonic SatAM – haven’t exactly been thrilled with most of the blue blur’s animated offerings released so far.