‘Sonic Dash 2’ Gets Into the Christmas Spirit

Hello — everyone — it would seem that the Christmas season has invaded the realms of Sonic Dash 2 (our review), and along with it have arrived some updates to Hardlight Studios’ latest game as well. The first of these changes is that an entirely new area — Eggman’s Lair — has been forever added to the mix, which — in my personal opinion — looks a bit like an homage to the Death Star trench-run from the original Star Wars. This update has furthermore given all of the menus a limited-time Christmas-themed makeover, and everyone — including Eggman himself — are now wearing Santa costumes while in-game.

This patch has additionally added Shadow the Hedgehog to Sonic Dash 2’s playable character roster, where he can now be obtained for the sum of 150 Red Rings (which could admittedly take you a while to save up). This time around — however — Shadow isn’t just some emo-themed remix of normal Sonic, as he can now shoot fireballs — known as “Chaos Blasts” — whenever you swipe down on your screen. These Chaos Blasts can wipe out all manners of ground-dwelling targets, and will furthermore unleash a mighty enemy eradicating shockwave — that can even trigger chain reactions — when used on land mines.Sonic-Dash-2-Sonic-Boom-Christmas-update-EggmanFinally — to celebrate the unveiling of a new permanent character — Hardlight Studios is currently holding a contest where could you win Shadow for free, assuming that you can first destroy over 12,500 landmines with his Chaos Burst. Thankfully the event itself — which is scored cumulatively across all attempts — is positively littered to the gills with those dangerous landmines, and furthermore has an alternative sunset background. Unfortunately there’s only a little over four days still remaining in this contest, so you’d better get ready to grind like mad if you want to score your very own free unlock of Shadow the Hedgehog (we here at iFanzine apologize for the late arrival of this news).