‘Sonic Dash’ Gets Boss Battle Update


As most of you are probably already aware, SEGA recently released Sonic: Lost World – via both the Wii U and 3DS – which details Sonic and Eggman’s reluctant alliance to bring down the renegade “Deadly Six”. However, it seems that the power of the Deadly Six is so great that they can’t simply be confined within the space of just one game and have already broken free to begin invading Sonic Dash (our review) as well. For a limited time – in order to celebrate the new game’s release – Sonic Dash players can go head-to-head with the Deadly Six’s Zazz, as they try to collect victory points in the latest community challenge. While the prize this time is merely the chance to get exclusive wallpapers based on Sonic Dash and Sonic: Lost World, the limited boss battle event – seen in the video below – looks as though playing through it will be its own reward.