‘Sonic Dash’ Global Challenge Success – Shadow Unlocked as a Playable Character!

1009827_10151810060001796_607557827_nA little bit back SEGA tasked the entire gaming community playing Sonic Dash (our review) to see if they could collectively run a grand total of 100 laps around the planet – in game, that is – all before August 5th rolled around. It seemed a daunting mission, to be sure, but SEGA promised everyone that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel if they could pull off this monumental feat: the free unlocking of Shadow! This was quite a surprising move when you consider that most other endless runner games would use the addition of a new unlockable feature as means to encourage people pay out more money, but – then again – Sonic Dash has never exactly been a traditional endless runner.

Even though SEGA’s request of a full hundred laps around the Earth was a herculean feat to request, the game’s community has successfully proven themselves more than up to the task! Although SEGA had already proclaimed that the grand prize would be delivered at the onset of August 5th if the conditions were met, they’ve instead chosen to celebrate this speedy victory by releasing Shadow early as well! So as of right now – assuming you haven’t already – all Sonic Dash players can now log in and get their free reward of Shadow the Hedgehog, at least so long as they’ve played the game at any point during the challenge period.