‘Sonic Dash’ Players Unite to Unlock Blaze the Cat

IMG_0038Just a scant few months after SEGA challenged gamers everywhere to run a collective grand total of 100 laps around the world, they came back with yet another contest for the Sonic Dash (our review) community. Players were tasked with earning the permission to play as Blaze the Cat, the pyrokinesis powered purple princess form another dimension, by amassing an unstated quantity of “Global Points”. This time around – to further spice things up – fans had to reach not just a series of collective totals, but also individual milestones that could only be tackled in lock-step with the team objectives.

It was a positively daunting task – especially since the community was only given a mere eleven days to complete it – but Sonic Dash players everywhere rose up to the challenge, pulling off an eleventh hour victory. In fact, the Sonic Dash community wanted to unlock Blaze the Cat so badly that – as time started to run out – they caused the game’s server to become unstable multiple times due to everyone playing all at once. With the game obviously still going just as strong as ever, one has to wonder what SEGA and Hardlight Studios will be adding to Sonic Dash whenever the next major update arrives.