‘Sonic Dash’ Fans Unlock Silver the Hedgehog


If only one thing can be said about the Sonic the Hedgehog fan community, then it’s certainly that they are an absolutely dedicated lot that will never take a challenge lying down. SEGA and Hardlight Studios recently tasked Sonic fans everywhere to collect a large number of presents in Sonic Dash over the Christmas break, with the reward being free access to Silver the Hedgehog. While this group challenge was initially off to a slow start, the community – activating all of their speed boosters in unison – managed to completely blaze past the finish line at the last second.

In case you happened to miss this competition entirely – or perhaps didn’t manage to finish all of your personal quotas in time – Silver is now available as a chance reward for completing five daily challenges in a row, and also purchasable for 65 red star rings. You might also be happy to hear that Silver’s specific dash boost maneuver involves him telekinetically accelerating himself forward, rather than reusing earlier stock animation. Anyways – with this competition conquered – we can now all look forward to seeing which classic Sonic character gets added next, and hackers poking around Sonic Dash’s code claim that they’ve already found hidden character models for Rouge and Cream.