Featured Image for Sonic Dream Team. It features Sonic, Amy Rose, Cream, Knuckles, Rouge and Tails. It has the Sonic Dream Team logo in the middle.

Sonic Dream Team Rides Sonic Waves With New Trailer

Sonic Dream Team, the much-awaited 3D action platformer, has released an opening animation today. An exciting surprise for gamers ahead of its official launch next month. And does it look awesome? Heck, yeah! Read on to catch a glimpse of the video and more.

The Preview

The opening trailer for the game has been directed by Tyson Hesse, animated by Powerhouse Animation, and composed by Tee Lopes. The video is more like an introduction to the characters and doesn’t feature any gameplay. Check it out here.

When is Sonic Dream Team Arriving?

Sonic Dream Team by SEGA is expected to be released on December 5 on Apple Arcade. It’ll be playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV and is exclusive to Apple’s gaming subscription service. The game will follow Sonic, the blue hedgehog, and his friends diving deep into a world of twisted dreamscapes. You’ll venture into the dark dreams of the evil Dr. Eggman filtered through the eyes of Cream the Rabbit. Your mission is to rescue your friends, fight Eggman’s aides and defeat him.

The game will feature six playable characters Sonic, Cream, Amy Rose the pink hedgehog, Knuckles the echidna, Miles Tails Prower the two-tailed fox and Rouge the bat. There will also be other characters who will make their debut in the Sonic series. It will also consist of six epic boss battles and four dream worlds with twelve levels. Here’s the game on the Mac App Store so that you get notified when it’s out.

The levels will be full of hidden collectibles such as coins and stars with enemies scattered throughout them.  I’m definitely excited to see what the game will offer since I’ve been a huge fan of the Sonic franchise. Meanwhile, check out our news on the Marvel Contest of Champions which has three new heroes now.