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Netflix Soft Launches Sonic Mania Plus For iOS Users

If you’re feeling nostalgic but craving a fresh take on a classic, then Netflix has granted your wish. Sonic Mania Plus, the beefed-up version of Sonic Mania is now available on the App Store for Netflix subscribers. The game has soft soft-launched and is currently available only in the Philippines.

Have Fun With Sonic And His Pals!

Sonic Mania Plus sticks to the heart of what made Sonic great. It doesn’t have any weird storylines or unwanted gameplay twists, unlike some of the other Sonic games. This one’s pure, speedy, classic platforming action that flashes us back to the heyday of 2D Sega Mega Drive graphics.

Racing through the levels of the game is a trip down memory lane. The devs have retooled the iconic Sonic stages. Sonic Mania Plus steps it up with some of the slickest showdowns in the franchise, like side-scrolling platformers.

The gang’s all here with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and new ones like Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel. Mighty boasts a neat ground-pound move, while Ray can glide around the place. Oh, and you’re going to tangle with the infamous Dr. Robotnik in this one, too.

It’s Sonic Mania!

Sonic Mania Plus dropped in July 2018 on other platforms. It’s an expanded version of Sonic Mania. Just like its prequel, it has tons of mini-games to try out. You can go for a speedrun in Time Trial, or try out the local multiplayer in Competition mode.

Encore mode is a new addition to Sonic Mania Plus. It lets you switch up the level design and tag between characters at special spots. So, now you get to take each one for a spin and it even throws in a bonus level that’s a nod to Sonic Spinball!

Let’s hope the game drops globally soon. Meanwhile, check it out on the App Store! Before you leave, check out our other news: Oh My Anne, A Renovation Puzzler Based On Anne of Green Gables Soft Launches Today!