Soosiz – Review

If, like me, you were reared on platformers such as Super Mario and Sonic, you’ll feel right at home in the primary coloured, gravity defying world of Soosiz. But don’t be fooled by the game’s cutesy stylings, because, at times, it’s as hardcore an experiance as any of those illustrious predecessors.

Run ‘n’ jump through level after level (66 in total over 7 varied worlds) unleashing crazy powerups, taking out enemies Mario-style, rescuing your buddies, and battling bosses, all in the name of returning piece and harmony to the land. Soosiz’s unique artwork and overall style will hit you first, but it’s this title’s brilliant core gameplay and enjoyable twist on platforming tradition that’ll keep you hooked.

On the iPhone, a title like Soosiz lives or dies based on how well it controls. And thankfully in this case they’re perfectly precise, while, notably, the semi-transparent directional arrows and jump button never clutter the screen. Also the game’s big distinguishing characteristic- the ability to defy gravity by walking 360 degrees around the floating platforms- is exhilerating and adds an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay.

However beyond this fun feature Soosiz hasn’t got much else in the way of innovation. And its masterstroke- sticking so firmly to tried and tested platform game territory- may also be its downfall, as deja vu soon sets in and the game gets a tad predictable. The endlessly looping tunes can also get irritating after prolonged play.

But these minor niggles aside, Soosiz runs circles ’round most of the competition on the Appstore.

iFanzine Verdict: 8.5 out of 10