Feature image for our Soul Knight Prequel Tier List. Image shows small, cute, animated characters walking. Two are holding a rucksack, one is holding a sword.

Soul Knight Prequel Tier List

Sending out a SOS for a Soul Knight Prequel Tier List? We’ve got you covered! Our Soul Knight Prequel Tier List has ranked the best and worst characters in the game so you know exactly who the best for your soul is.

Soul Knight Prequel is an adorable fantasy RPG with a pixel-art style. Get ready to go on a brand new adventure to help this magical land! You can take different classes to help perfect your skills, or you can mix different gear sets to find the best one for you. There are over 900 different gear pieces in the game, meaning endless possibilities for what you can make!

If you fancy something more magical, there are different spells available in the game that you can learn to help in battle. If you want to take a break from the action, you can visit and relax in different villages and do some gardening. You can also play with friends if you fancy a companion on your adventures.

Want to cosy up and play for yourself? You can download Soul Knight Prequel on the App Store. We have some other great tier lists you can check out, such as our GPO Race Tier List and our Saiyan: Battle For Supremacy Tier List.

Soul Knight Prequel Tier List

Our tier lists are formed from player feedback on the game, our opinions, and a wide variety of other sources to make sure we don’t give a biased list. However, if you disagree that’s more than okay!


The best of the best! These will definitely save your soul.

  • Mage
  • Elves
  • Druid


These characters are still great – don’t be put off by the fact they aren’t in S-Tier.

  • Knight
  • Ranger
  • Alchemist


These are great, especially if you’re starting out!

  • Assassin
  • Engineer
  • Vampire


Not the best, not the worst. These characters are good if you’re just starting out – but try to go for ones in a higher tier a.s.a.p!

  • Werewolf
  • Paladin


Avoid these as much as possible!

  • Luckily, no one is here yet!

When Do We Update Our Tiers?

As the game is still new, we don’t know too much about the characters yet. We regularly review our tier lists to make sure they are as updated as they can be, so make sure to check back here every so often!