‘Soul Power’ Scares up Funding on Kickstarter


Gabriel Koenig recently envisioned a 2D physics-based platforming title starring a freshly deceased spectre trying to remember who he was, or how he ended up dead in the first place. In Soul Power the player would travel through larger hub environments while talking to various departed spirits, discovering things about both them and yourself in the process, and eventually entering their shattered memories – the game’s real meat and potatoes – to learn more. After much time and effort had already been expended on the project, not to mention personal finances, Gabriel Koenig eventually ran into a roadblock he wasn’t ready for: the fees involved in getting the game to various markets (such as receiving an ESRB rating).

It was for this reason that he began a Kickstarter project to help his ghastly platforming title become available to people everywhere, no matter what device they preferred to play games with. Apparently the collective gaming community felt that Koenig’s idea had far more than just a ghost of a chance, and thus the project was able to successfully raise a total of  $1,794 (CAD). Gabriel – thanks to everyone’s generosity – now expects the title to be out later next month on the PC, with more platforms to follow shortly thereafter as he gets their releases approved.