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Soulstone Survivors Characters (2023) – Every Character In The Game

Soulstone Survivors is a brand-new action roguelite game where you are constantly tasked with fighting through hordes of monsters and enemies. You’ll find that depending on what character you have, your skills in combat will vary. Because of this, we’ve made a list of all the Soulstone Survivors characters so that you can look them up, analyse the situation, and decide for yourself which one to use.

Soulstone Survivors Characters

We’ll take a look at the different characters in the game. So far, there are 14 of them in the game. The developers have promised that more will be added at a later date, so you should check back every now and then to read up on them.

The Barbarian

This is the first and default character that you’ll play as when you first start playing the game. As you can expect, the Barbarian is pretty basic in everything they do, encouraging you to try out different characters.

The Elementalist

This character is locked behind a challenge wall. To unlock the character, you must complete a match within ten minutes. The Elementalist’s special abilities centres around spells and magic.

The Paladin

This character is all about defence and is unlocked through completing 100% of the five available maps.

The Assassin

The Assassin is known for their high speed and high damage, an ideal character to have in your collection. They are unlocked through killing 100 Lords of the Void.

The Arcane Weaver

Much like the Elementalist, the Arcane Weaver is another character whose abilities are focused on magic and spells. This character is unlocked through killing 50 Lords of the Void.

The Spellblade

Yet another magical warrior. This one is unlocked through killing 10,000 enemies.

The Sentinel

The game isn’t all about mages – the Sentinel’s abilities centre around the bow in which they possess. They are unlocked after defeating 100 elite enemies.

The Necromancer

Like his title suggests, Necromancer has control over the dead, making them a unique character. Because of this, the unlock requirement is quite specific too – you must win a match with all curses up to and including III enabled on the Dungeons of Despair.

The Legionnaire       

The Legionnaire’s speciality is tightly knit combat when it becomes up close and personal. To unlock this character, you must complete Endless Cycle 3. 

The Pyromancer

Pyromancer’s abilities centre around wielding fire – a must have for any collection. To unlock this character, you must eliminate one Lord of the Void in The Scorching Valley in the same match. 

The Death Knight

The Death Knight does exactly what it says on their tin – death to all, and a dark warrior. This character is unlocked in a similar fashion to the Necromancer; win a match with all curses up to and including V enabled on The Frozen Wasteland.

The Chaoswalker

Bringing chaos wherever they walk, the Chaoswalker focuses his special abilities on the dark arts of magic. To unlock him, you must complete Endless Cycle 2. 

The Beastmaster

The Beastmaster surrounds himself with and becomes one with nature, and is unlocked through winning a match with all curses up to and including IV enabled on The Whispering Grove.

The Hound Master

As you could work out from his title, the Hound Master is never far ahead of a companion. He’s quite easily unlocked through completing a match under 25 minutes.

What Is Soulstone Survivors?

In Soulstone Survivors, you play as a Void Hunter while slaying wave upon wave of monsters and come face to face with opposing bosses. With every new match won, you’ll unlock new gear, new crafting opportunities, and with time – new characters. The game implements a rune system where you must upgrade them and explore over 150 Active Skills.

You can find out more information on Soulstone Survivors on the developer’s official Twitter page.

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