‘Space Probe’ Puts a Sci-Fi Spin on ‘Ridiculous Fishing’

Did you ever find yourself playing though Ridiculous Fishing (our review) only to find yourself suddenly convinced the entire experience could have been massively improved by setting it all within the inky-depths of outer-space? While I can’t honestly say I’ve ever had such notions cross my mind before, it’s quite clear — as determined by their Kickstarter page — that the people over at Brambletyne sure have. Furthermore, judging from how their project is already 100% funded — all with over twenty days still remaining — it would seem this Greater London based dev-team most definitely wasn’t ever alone.

The game’s premise is that you’re heading up a space research institute, whose goal is to launch special probes — designed to gather both minerals and alien life forms — as far out as possible. During this phase you’ll have to carefully maneuver the probe in order to skillfully avoid collisions with both alien life and floating minerals, as those generally cause damage that can prematurely trigger the probe’s return-home function. Eventually — either by way of damage, or by travelling your current maximum-distance — the probe will always begin its trip back to Earth, and that’s when Space Probe’s real fun starts up!


At this point — much like when you start reeling back your lure in Ridiculous Fishing — you can start scooping up every last alien and ore chunk you previously passed up, at least so long as you successfully collide with them on the way back. Once back you’ll either be able to use that ore to upgrade your probe’s various capabilities, or you’ll be able to research the gathered alien-critters to discover new places to send your probes. With that you have the basic premise for Space Probe’s entire sprite-filled game play loop, which has furthermore been guaranteed by Brambletyne to contain absolutely no IAPs whatsoever.

Although Space Probe is already guaranteed to happen — thanks to over 90 generous backers — there still exists a whopping 24 days to get involved, should you also wish to launch probes valiantly into space! Currently for a pledge of just £1 you can have your name listed within the game’s credits, and furthermore receive your very own launch-day copy via putting forward a pledge of just £4. Extra reward-options include: early beta-tester access; receiving Space Probe on a USB-drive shaped like a cassette; and even having your own idea, co-designed by the legendary Duncan Gutteridge, appear in-game.


Ergo — should you now find you now find yourself filled with a burning-passion for space-travel — you’ll need to make sure your donations are properly locked in before June 26th rolls around, for that’s when their pixelated probes launch once more unto the void!