Space Rhino Games’ Debut Offering ‘Breach TD’ Aims to Revolutionize the Tower Defense Genre


When mankind invented the means for teleportation, it was finally believed that it would just be a matter of time before the boundless reaches of outer space were entirely conquered. Unfortunately the initial test led to a rift being opened to another plane entirely, and from this otherworldly realm a terrible threat — known only as The Void — began to pour out en masse. For a moment all seemed as if everything would be lost, but then a savior — referring to herself as The Oracle — showed up and empowered humanity with the ability to defend himself via an army of powerful Guardians.

Thus goes to set up to Breach TD, the debut game project from Space Rhino Games — a team of Puerto Ricans — wherein the developers have sought to revolutionize the Tower Defense genre. Currently Tower Defense games have traditionally involved an active phase — wherein players build up their defenses — that is then immediately followed by a passive phase, wherein players sit and wait to see if their plans worked or not. Space Rhino Games’ grand plan is to change all of this by eliminating the genre’s titular towers, in the process creating a strategy game that is filled with nothing but action throughout.

7bafdba3ae5b51d2152712d6d8471986_largeIn Breach TD you will control — as you hold the line against the void’s onslaught — a fully mobile platoon of four different Guardians, along the way upgrading both their stats and gear. Players will not only real-time manage their army during the invasion phase, but they will also have the option to decisively use any of their relic cards whenever they best deem fist. These relics are omnipotent artifacts that — when used judiciously — have the chance to turn the tide of any battle thanks to their rule defying power, and players will be able to hold more and more of them as time passes.

However — taking a page from games such as Tetris in the process — Breach TD aims to further go beyond merely being a single player experience, with 3v3 cross-platform matches also having been promised. While players won’t compete directly in multiplayer mode, they will be able to use special abilities that can cause havoc on their opponent’s battlefield — a la Tetris itself — in order to distract them from the endless Void assault. While each player will only be able to take antagonistic actions against the player directly opposite them on the three lane grid, other members of the same team can always spend their relics to aid one of their teammates.

However — in order to afford more polishing time — the team recently turned to Kickstarter with a request for $35,000, stating that they would otherwise be forced to publish the game before they felt it was truly ready. The Kickstarter community certainly must have been curious as to how far Space Rhino Games could take their project, for Breach TD has already secured $23,000 in just the first twelve days. While things currently look as though the fundraiser’s minimal goal will probably be conquered, the devs have further listed a slew of game design expanding stretch goals that they hope to also realize.

0fb7abe90e13830ea45866679e188415_largeThere are — with Breach TD being intended as a Free to Play game — currently no reward tiers for purchasing the game itself, but there do exist various tiers that will earn you a variety of starter packages for when Space Rhino Game’s debut offering finally arrives. Other than plethora of starting Guardian offers — which can be had for as low as $10 — there also exists the chance to help the developers design various parts of the game’s visual presentation. Perhaps the most illustrious offer on the table — however — is one wherein you’d earn early access to every future game by the developers for eternity and beyond, or at least assuming you happened to have $10,000 extra dollars on hand.

Anyways, should you happen to be a Tower Defense fan — whom has finally grown tired of the genre’s stagnation — then be sure to chip in your donations before June 1st signals The Void’s arrival.