Speedbump Studios’ Unreal Engine-powered ‘Swipe Fighter’ RobotGladi8tor Looks Freakin’ Sharp!

Move over Infinity Blade…  George Norman Lippert and Speedbump Studios are about explode back on the iOS scene with an absolutely stunning looking new game! It goes by the name RobotGladi8tor, and promises to bring “swipe-fighting to a new level” by delivering a knock-out blend of intense first-person battles and open-world exploration.

Speedbump are, of course, the Unreal Engine savvy indie studio responsible for Dream:Scape — a bold debut we called “awe-inspiring”, “spine-tingling” and “unparalleled in its creative use of aesthetic presentation” in our glowing review. Yet as much as we loved Dream:Scape, its emphasis on storytelling and subtle, creepy atmospherics over ultra-violence probably did run the risk of leaving fans of wall-to-wall action in their games cold.

That most certainly ain’t the case with RobotGladi8tor, which looks set to seriously up the ante with features like mega-battles against varied and increasingly unbeatable robotic opponents, tons of weapon upgrades, massive 3D environments to stomp around in, and a pulse-pounding original score. Suh-weet!

When he’s not whipping together exceedingly beautiful iOS games, Speedbump’s George Norman Lippert pens fantasy novels (such as the J. K. Rowling-sanctioned James Potter fan-fiction series), so it’s not all that surprising RobotGladi8tor‘s plot think The Running Man meets Real Steel — also sounds pretty gosh-darn compelling: “Abandoned on a derelict space station for the amusement of viewers across the galaxy, you must battle the increasingly ferocious robots that occupy its labyrinthine depths, all while pursuing revenge against the sadistic media mogul who has orchestrated your fate. Crank up the volume, warm up your titanium exo-skeletal fists, and prepare to battle your way toward total destruction…”

To say that I’m psyched about getting my paws on RobotGladi8tor when it clanks into the App Store this Thursday would be the understatement of the century! If you’re as excited as I am about the game, be sure to swing by SpeedbumpStudios.com and give George a follow on Twitter to find out more.