Family-Friendly Environmental Puzzle Game ‘Spirit of Adventure’ Finds Success on Kickstarter

Lily — an adventuresome young girl wearing a bucket on her head — has decided to go out and explore the nearby mysterious forest, which has unfortunately led her to attract the attention of a vicious monster. While the logical choice would be to quickly run forward to evade this pursuing shadowy menace, the path ahead is bothersomely littered with numerous traps and obstacles that Lily simply isn’t able to overcome on her own. Thankfully — however — the plucky lass is not alone on this adventure, for she has at her beck and call three powerful spirits — Earth, Water, and Fire — whom will all do their best to ensure that she survives.

15a30c86740f810a859dabfb95aedc67_largeUsing the Earth spirit Lily will be able to cause plants to spontaneously grow, which can be used to create impromptu bridges — knock valuable treasures loose from trees — or even cause plants to bump into boulders and set them rolling freely (to potentially hit things). Meanwhile, via the Fire spirit Lily will be able to set wooden structures ablaze — as well as plant life in general — which can remove obstacles or cause the nature of constructs to shift (such as by burning out one leg of a bridge in order to create a ramp for Lily). Finally, the Water sprit — which can only be used to turbo-charge existing water sources — will enable Lily to fill in dangerous holes, operate water mills to empower nearby machinery, and simultaneously invigorate plants en masse.

Using these players can help to ensure that Lily never has to stop moving forward by doing things such as first filling a dangerous pit in with water, and afterwards inducing giant lily pads — that the heroine may safely cross — to grow on top of the water filled pit. Anyone interested in seeing how these mechanics will work first hand can currently do so by sampling Courtney Gaudet and Matt Humes’s free Spirit of Adventure demo currently available on their website. Please Note: As this demo only covers Spirit of Adventure’s tutorial levels, none of the puzzles contained within are meant to be representative of the far more diabolical challenges that Lily will face later on during her many journeys.

Finally, thanks to various generous Kickstarter backers — whom provided Rabbit Hole Studios with over $2,000 (CA)Spirit of Adventure is currently expected to arrive on Android this April, with an iOS edition planned to arrive sometime shortly after that.