Splitter Critters+ is the Latest Re-Release for Apple Arcade

Another new-ish game has been added to Apple Arcade. This one’s Splitter Critters, a smart, level-slicing puzzle platformer that sees you guiding aliens back to safety through a series of challenging levels.

Instead of jumping and bouncing, you’re drawing lines to split the levels, rearranging them to make paths for the critters to make their way across. Hence the name – Splitter Critters. Smart work, there.

The game won some awards when it was first launched – bagging iPhone game of the Year and the Apple Design Award in 2017. That’s some pretty impressive work. Here’s a trailer.

If you haven’t played the game yet, then this is really the perfect chance to do so. Still, it does feel like quite a while since we’ve had a really amazing Apple Arcade game that hasn’t already been available on the App Store.

You can click here to download Splitter Critters from the App Store. Obviously you’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to give it a go. It’s worth playing, but we’re not sure it’s worth subscribing for.