Splodgy Pinball Classic Inks Out Now on Apple Arcade as Inks+

Inks is a pinball game with a difference. Instead of chasing high scores you’re trying to paint the level, hitting different pads to unleash splodges of paint. Hit all the pads and a portal opens up and you can move on to the next challenge.

It’s a slow-paced, strangely meditative experience, and a new version of the game has just landed on Apple Arcade. It’s called Inks+, because apparently all the games coming out on Apple Arcade at the moment are something+, and you can grab it for free as part of your AA subscription right now.

Here’s a trailer for the game’s original release, because there doesn’t seem to be one for its Apple Arcade version. Imagine there’s an extra + at the end of everything here and you’ll get the idea.

The game is developed by State of Play, the team that’s also responsible for Lumino City, paper-folding gem Kami and the excellent Apple Arcade-exclusive narrative adventure South of the Circle. So it isn’t just gorgeous, it’s pretty darn smart as well.

If you want to grab Inks+ from the App Store you can do it by clicking here. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to get it, but you’ve already got one of those by now and you’re probably sick of us telling you to get one, right?