Sponsored Feature: Falling Fred Drops to Free & Adds New ‘Osama’ Character!

So Good it Hurts!

Dedalord Games’ bone-crunchingly brilliant Falling Fred (out now, Free), a game that never shied away from controversy thanks to its no holds-barred depiction of gloriously graphic violence, just got considerably more risque with the introduction of a brand new playable character by the name of, wait for it, Ogama Ben Ladder!

For those of you that might be unfamiliar with Dedalord’s critically acclaimed follow-up to Psychoban, Falling Fred is a fast-paced, arcade style falling game which challenges the player to plummet as far as they can through the bowels of an outlandish elevator shaft filled with dangerous obstacles like spinning blades and jutting pipes. We commended the game’s slick, super-responsive tilt controls, exhilerating gameplay and addictive quality when we previewed and reviewed the game a couple of months back, awarding the title a well-deserved 4 stars out of 5.

Since then a number of awesome characters – including a crash test dummy, which I personally love – have been added to Falling Fred’s ever-growing cast of clumsy oafs. Dedalord Games’ Frank Noble talks us through the two oh-so topical new arrivals:

“The latest update adds some fresh blood and faces to your favorite gore-speeder-survival game. It features colorful characters such as M. Gandalfi, a humble and beloved middle eastern leader. Gandalfi is a man of few vices and simple tastes – an execution here, some dissident crushing there and it’s a fine morning for him. His predilection for loose clothing renders him well suited for gliding!

Yet our most charismatic new personality is without a doubt Ogama Ben Ladder. The grumpy warlord everyone loves to hate, Ogama gets a kick out of blowing things up and throwing dogmatic fits of rage from time to time. His cushioned head wrap and inert gray matter give him great skull sturdiness.”

If you’ve got a strong enough stomach, check out these recordings of Osama – sorry, Ogama’s – death! Watch these online replays:


Falling Fred is free for a very limited time only (iTunes Link) and with two very reasonably priced in-app purchases (only 99 cent apiece), you can get your paws on the awesome new Ogama Ben Ladder and M.Gandalfi characters! Trust me, two bucks is a very small outlay for the hours of entertainment this pair will provide you with. Give the excellent gameplay trailer below a whirl to see Ogama and friends in action…