Sponsored Feature: Race to Farm Carrots in ‘Funny Bunny Adventures’


If you’re on the lookout for ways to occupy your kids’ time and keep them out of trouble, you can check out Funny Bunny Adventures (out now, $0.99) by JED Games. The attractive graphics and gentle learning curve makes this title especially suitable for youngsters. Though it starts off simple, the game poses its fair share of challenges, which are gradually introduced.

www_screens_960x640_01Your basic goal in Funny Bunny Adventures is to plant carrots on every clear patch. Once that is done, you’ll have to lead Funny Bunny back to harvest the carrots. There is no specific route you must take, but you’ll want to complete farming your carrots as fast as possible. As you proceed through the levels, you’ll have to start evading enemies. For instance, there’s a witch who specializes in hunting down bunnies, a dachshund that’s looking for a fight, and a retiree with a readied net. If you get caught too many times you’ll fail the level. In addition, you’ll have to contend with a leprechaun who will trample over your plots and ruin the land, rendering it impossible to plant any carrots over those patches.

Luckily, you have some friends and tools to aid you. With scattered alarm clocks, you can put hostile enemies to sleep, but of course good things don’t last forever, and they’ll wake and resume roaming once the alarm clock rings. You can also hide temporarily by riding atop a cow and jump from one spot to another through teleporters.

www_screens_960x640_02_iceAs for the troublesome leprechaun, you can hold his attention with a pot of gold. Within levels, you can play a mini game. If you bump into a fairy, you’ll get to complete a simple match-3 challenge in which you’ll have to tap to remove groups of potatoes, tomatoes, and other vegetables. Once you’re done, the fairy will grant you an award: a heart for an extra life perhaps, a gold carrot, or the ability to jump over an enemy. Sometimes while hopping about you can also chance upon a prettily wrapped gift. With the carrots you collect, you can upgrade your bunny in various ways, such as to increase its speed or buy extra lives.

Funny Bunny Adventures is a simple game that’s catered to the younger ones, from its storyline and youthful voiceover to the cute bunny and other animals. The game offers 35 levels spread over three worlds. You can also unlock an additional mini game in which you can guide the bunny through tilt control to collect assorted fruits and vegetables. This universal app costs just $0.99. You can get a better idea of the gameplay by watching the trailer below. Alternatively, you can try the free lite versions: Funny Bunny Tales or Funny Bunny Tales HD.