Spy Film-Inspired Interactive Novel ‘Uncovered’ Has Us Intrigued

Frustrated by how many narrative-based video games currently feature illusory choices that don’t ever matter, the people at Intrigeek recently decided it was high-time they finally made an interactive project all their own. The second dilemma they quickly came across — while designing their game — was that most interactive novels usually require sizable blocks of commitment time, and this just doesn’t merge well with mobile gaming. How was one supposed to feel as though they’d accomplished something during a fifteen minute coffee break, when they were often barely able to read enough prose to even reach a single solitary in-game decision point?

It was from all of these concerns that Intrigeek eventually crafted the layout for Uncovered: A Novel of Classified Choices, which begins when you suddenly — and quite mysteriously — call a confused and bleeding person. Although the person on the other end of the line has no clue why they’re caught up in the middle of this horrible mess, you fully understand absolutely everything that’s going down. You don’t — however — have the time to explain anything, and thus you must act quickly — one binary choice at a time — as you do your best to advise this scared person on how to safely survive their predicament.


Now whereas your available options in most other narrative-based games will all ultimately push you towards the exact same end-point (because that makes it infinitely easier to release a sequel later on), each and every choice here changes the plot entirely. As such Uncovered will contain content that’s far more rewarding to replay through than is normal for a narrative-based game (where replays traditionally just serve to highlight how irrelevant the consequences of your choices actually were all along). Furthermore, the game’s fast paced structure — focused on brief cell phone conversations, rather than long flowing prose — further helps to ensure there will always be time enough to go again.

Although the people at Intrigeek have already put much time and money towards making Uncovered, and are even in a position where they believe the game will ultimately release no matter what, they recently decided to approach Kickstarter’s community all the same. Beyond merely seeking funds to speed up their development as their project nears the home stretch, the Kickstarter additionally served as an excuse to produce and distribute swag based on Uncovered that simply wouldn’t ever exist otherwise. As a result of all this Intrigeek made a humble request for $1,000 in further development funds, an amount of which — with twelve days still remaining — nearly half has already been safely secured.

Currently — should you find yourself intrigued by Uncovered: A Novel of Classified Choices — you can secure your very own launch day copy for just $15, alongside having your name appear in the game’s credits. Meanwhile — for those extra dedicated to cracking all conspiracies ever — additional backer rewards include: bumper stickers, t-shirts, early beta-tester access, a signed copy of the game’s script, and so much more! However — if you do choose to accept this top-secret mission — then it’s vitally imperative that your donations have been properly chipped in before March 9th rolls around, or else it will likely be quite a bit longer before Intrigeek’s magnum opus finally arrives.