Square Enix has Launched Actraiser Renaissance on the App Store

In a quick-fire surprise, Square Enix announced last night at a Nintendo Direct that it was launching a remake of action RPG, city-builder, RTS mash-up classic Actraiser for mobile. And now it’s out. That’s some quick turnaround.

The game is based on the SNES classic from 1990 and sees you playing as a god. To battle back against the forces of darkness you need to engage in side-scrolling violence, build up your settlements, and then engage in RTS-style top-down wars.

This new version features updated graphics, new spells to use in the action sections, more powerful bosses and loads more. Here’s a trailer.

There are other concessions for modern sensibilities too, with auto save and different difficulty options. This one is a bit of an underappreciated gem, so it’s nice to see Square Enix heaping some love on it.

The game isn’t cheap, though – it’ll set you back $19.99, which is pretty much in line with Squeenix’s other remakes. You can click here to pick up Actraiser Renaissance from the App Store right this second.