Square Enix Updates Dragon Quest V For iPhone X

Square Enix has finally started to upgrade its portfolio of classic JRPGs with iPhone X support, though, randomly, with Dragon Quest V.

Hopefully more will follow, as a huge number of Square Enix classics are still plagued with nasty black bars on either side of the screen.

Dragon Quest V Now Supports the iPhone X

Dragon Quest V is an intriguing entry in the franchise, as it takes place over three generations and allows you to watch the young hero grow from a boy into a man.

You can also chat freely to your party members, make friends with the monsters you fight, and fully rotate your viewpoint in 360 degrees.

If you don’t like being the boss, you can order your companions to fight themselves according to certain strategies.

There’s also a bunch of different minigames, including a Casino, Treasures ‘n’ Trapdoors, and Bruise the Ooze.

The Story Takes Place Over Three Generations

And you can enjoy all of the above in portrait orientation, allowing you to play the game with a single hand while you’re on the bus.

So go ahead and grab Dragon Quest V right now from the App Store.