Squid Drop Review

Surprisingly Deep

I’ll be honest, Nor Eagle’s new game, Squid Drop (out now $0.99), didn’t immediately grab me. On paper, everything about it just seemed a bit too simplistic and shallow for my tastes. However, having spent a fun-filled hour or so weaving around its vibrant underwater world, I was well and truly hooked. Suffice to say, this unassuming looking little title has got hidden depths. And how!

Based on what we refer to as a “reverse Doodle Jump mechanic” ’round these parts – e.g. rather than ascend through an endless level, the idea is to go as low as you can – and boasting crisp, clean visuals and intuitive one-touch controls, Squid Drop looks good and is very easy to pick up and play.

Sliding a finger along the screen moves cute Squidy from left to right allowing you to avoid various obstacles and sea monsters as he plummets deeper and deeper into the abyss. A counter tallies up your highscore lowscore (you’re going down, remember?), while an atmospheric and suitably nautical soundtrack loops as you play. Survival requires quick thinking (not to mention fingers) and the fast-paced, challenging nature of the action makes for a fun and addictive experience.

Now, if the developer had left it there, Squid Drop would still be a passable timewaster, but, as I say, there’s more to this game than initially meets the eye.

As you notch up achievements, such as playing twenty games in a row or surviving past a certain point of a level – Nor Eagle incrementally add interesting new gameplay elements, enemies, powerups and different colored backgrounds to the mix. The result is a nicely varied and incredibly compelling game, as you never really quite sure what to expect each time you tap the ‘play again’ button.  All in all, Squid Drop is one of those surprisingly brilliant games that’s likely to blow your expectations out of the water.

iFanzine Verdict: Don’t be fooled by Squid Drop’s simplistic premise, as the deeper you delve into the game, the more complex and compelling it gets. Fun and fresh – well worth dropping $0.99 on in other words.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]