‘Squids’ Comic Book Out Now; Both ‘Squids’ Games Updated with New Content to Celebrate!

If you cast your mind back a few months, you’ll remember us reporting that the quirky cast of characters from The Game Bakers’ chart-topping RPG Squids and its follow-up Squids Wild West were getting ready to make the transition to comic books. Well, this is now a thing! Ape Entertainment have just released the Squids comics app and the first two issues of the initial story arc – Squids To the Edge of the Sea – onto the App Store.

From the Press Release: “The comic book dives into an exciting part of the backstory when Steev, Clint and the team set to find the missing Winnick with the hope to stop the Black Torrent for good. But they uncover fragments of Winnick’s youth that send them to perilous new adventures, tracking the extraordinary crew of a ancient pirate ship on which Winnick was a sailor and discovering some dangerous secrets on the way.”

To celebrate the release of Squids To the Edge of the Sea, The Game Bakers have also updated both Squids and Squids Wild West with new content — which includes an exclusive two-part mini-comic book entitled The Ballad of Clint and Sammo. Check out some sample pages from both comic books that The Game Bakers provided us with below.