Squids Halloween Giveaway! Tweet Fast!

You may not associate Squids with Halloween right off the bat, but The Gamer Bakers’ star cephalopods are out to show that they can throw a seasonal party in style! Along with some spooky Halloween gear for the Squids to equip, The Game Bakers have added an extra Haunted House level to the game’s story campaign. Check out some screencaps here, here, and here for a sample of the new content!

In celebration of Squids’ first content update, the developers have pulled two promo codes fresh from the oven to share with our readers! If this is the first time you’ve heard of The Game Bakers’ debut RPG, you can refer to our review and get an idea of just how much these promo codes compete with Halloween candy. Whether you’re an Action RPG fan or a learned black belt in turn-based combat, you’ll want to rev up your Twitter account for a chance to add Squids to your goodie bag this year! And don’t forget, if you’re already a proud Squids flinger, you can always pass your promo code off to a friend if you win. Here are the contest rules:

A.) Make sure you’re following both iFanzine and The Game Bakers on Twitter, so you can get the latest news on Squids and future baked goods.

B.) Tweet this giveaway article as many times as you can until October 31, and like it on Facebook or give it a Google +1. There are handy buttons for all that at the top of the page!

C.) Let us know you’ve done so by commenting below. Be sure to leave your @name or an email address so we can contact you with the promo code!

Remember that these need to be redeemed by November 17 since promo codes are only temporarily active. And this isn’t the only surprise you’ll find at iFanzine this weekend: our usual weekly contest is also running until October 31, and stay tuned for our Halloween Buyer’s Guide!