Squids Official Soundtrack Now Available, Name Your Price!

The most awesome news that’s landed in our inbox all day? This: “Indie development studio The Game Bakers have released the Squids official soundtrack, a collection of catchy original compositions by Romain Gauthier.”

While I haven’t had a chance to wrap my listening gear around the album in its entirety as of yet, I’m pretty sure anything The Game Bakers cook up is bound to be excellent. The soundtrack can be downloaded here, with the title track offered for free (and I’ve embedded a sample at the end of the article). According to the press release, for a very limited time, you can pay whatever price you choose for the full 11-track album, with all proceeds contributing to the independent production of an upcoming Squids sequel. Well, you can’t say fairer than that, can you?

Personally, I reckon it’s worth a download based solely on the brilliant cover art which gives a tip of the hat to Abbey Road by The Beatles. Hey, Ren & Stimpy, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Kanye West and The Simpsons have all parodied the Fab Four’s iconic strut across the street in the past, so why not the Squids too, right?

I’m sure this news will be music to my co-editor, Sean Koch’s ears, who recently bestowed an award for ‘Best Gameplay in a Genre-Bending Title’ on Squids (see this month’s massive iOS Developer Achievements article) and had this to say in his glowing review of the game, “An RPG this perfect is rarely seen on the App Store. Squids enjoys a delightful presentation, intuitive and creative game mechanics seldom used in the genre, and way more content than the price range would suggest.” Sean also interviewed Emeric Thoa, Creative Director of The Game Bakers, back in October of last year, so be sure to check that out too.

If you haven’t yet gotten to grips with this 5 star-rated game, now’s the time because it’s just had its price-tag temporarily cut in half to celebrate the availability of the OST. Nab it for 99¢ from the App Store now!