SQUIDS Wild West Set to Gallop Onto the App Store this Summer!

Yee-haw! The Game Bakers are cooking up a mighty fine sounding sequel to last year’s smash hit RPG/TBS mashup, SQUIDS. Set to gallop onto the App Store this summer, SQUIDS Wild West will come packing almost twice as many levels of genre-bending brilliance as its predecessor, all-new undersea environments and outlandish characters, plus — get this! — seahorses you can corral and ride into battle!

From the press release: “Set in the western kingdom of Seawood, SQUIDS Wild West takes the group into deeper, more dangerous waters as they regroup against oily crustacean enemies and search for a fallen comrade. They’ll help the feisty Calamary Jane save a besieged frontier town, explore native Squid lands and a volatile mine, and start to understand the evil they’re up against — but not without paying a terrible personal price.”

And that’s not all: SQUIDS fans who fancy a sneak peek at what Wild West will have to offer gameplay-wise are advised to download today’s free update to the original game from the App Store pronto, because it includes three bonus levels that show off Seawood’s scenery and characters!

For more info about SQUIDS and the upcoming sequel, swing by the official website and/or befriend The Game Bakers on Facebook and Twitter. While you’re at it, be sure to check out our massive developer interview and five-star review of the original game.