Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command: How to Get Khan, Build the Botany Bay, and Augments Explained

Star Trek Fleet Command just got a brand new update that introduces the infamous Khan to the mix. Alongside that, there’s a brand new faction and the Botany Bay ship. That’s a lot of new content.

To help make it more digestible, we’re going to dig into how all of the new content in Star Trek Fleet Command works to help you get started.

How do I Get Khan in Star Trek Fleet Command?

You unlock Khan as part of the new story missions in Star Trek Fleet Command. To unlock these missions though, you’ll need to first build the new ship: Botany Bay. We’ll dig into how to do that later in this guide.

In the meantime, we recommend completing all of your daily goals until you get Carol and Keesner, as these are Khan’s dedicated crew members. Unlock these before getting Khan, and you’ll have a much better time with him.

How do I Build the Botany Bay?

The Botany Bay is a brand new ship that you can build in Star Trek Fleet Command. To build it, you’ll need blueprints.

The easiest way to get them is to head on over to the Faction Store and purchase the six Botany Bay blueprints currently on sale. These refresh every six hours, so keep popping back.

You’ll also want to complete the new missions in Lycia to unlock a bunch more blueprints, then go Xezuk in Amador to finish off the missions. That should get you the Botany Bay.

Who is the New Augments Faction?

There’s a new portion of the Galaxy that’s owned by the Augments – a new faction in Star Trek Fleet Command. You’ll spot it thanks to its unique yellow colour.

This is where you’ll go to complete the missions required to unlock Khan as soon as you’ve built the Botany Bay. Building that ship is a requirement to perform these missions so get on that ASAP.