Star Trek Fleet Command

Star Trek Fleet Command Update Guide: All of the New Star Systems, Missions, and Ships

Star Trek Fleet Command had an update recently that introduced a bunch of new features to the game. There are new missions, star systems, ships, upgrades, and much more.

To help make all of these new features palatable, we thought we’d round it all up to help you make sense of what’s new and what all of that stuff does.

New Star Systems:

Most of the new star systems, aside from the one in Neutral Space, are for level 25 explorers. We’ve tried to break down what you can find in the new locations and popped the level requirements just by the name.

Neutral Space:

  • Coridan 16: Dilithium

Federation Space:

  • Ajilon 25: House Antaak Interceptors
  • Angosia 25: 3 Star Gas Mines

Klingon Space:

  • Maranga 25: 3 Star Crystal Mines
  • Narendra 25: Klingon Explorers

Romulan Space:

  • Zova Rhen 25: 3 Star Ore
  • Qualor 25: Romulan Explorers

New Story Missions:

19 new missions were introduced as part of the new update, which further the story of Star Trek Fleet Command.

The missions tell the story of the Klingon House Antaak and their attack on Federation Space.

You’ll team up with the Federation to fight off the attackers, while the Klingon Empire tries to end the invasion with diplomacy.

Ship Changes:

Big Bonus in Every Stat:

  • The Bortas
  • USS Saladin
  • Centurion

Big Bonus to Starting Stats, Small Bonus to Last Tier:

  • The B’rel
  • USS Intrepid
  • Gladius

Small Bonus to Starting Stats:

  • The D4 Class
  • USS Enterprise
  • Augur