‘Starr Mazer’ Finally Confirmed for iOS

Despite the fact certain stretch-goals weren’t successfully reached back in the day, the core Starr Mazer game — being directed by Don Thacker of Imagos Softworks — is finally confirmed for all the mobile platforms (plus a full-range of game consoles as well).

Don Thacker recently announced to the world that Starr Mazer — alongside all related projects, such as Starr Mazer DSP — will now be published going forward by Playism, a company best known for releasing La-Mulana and Kero Blaster (our review). Now that Starr Mazer is finally confirmed for iOS, iDevice owners everywhere hoping to keep tabs on this world-premier Point-and-Click/Shoot’em-Up combination-adventure would do well to sign up for the Starr Mazer: Blaster (the project’s official newsletter)!

The flip-side to all this is that Adult Swim Games no longer has anything to do with Starr Mazer whatsoever, but — judging from all the reports — this break-up was handled 100% amicably by all (ASG even helped Don Thacker get into initial-talks with Playism).