Steam Link

Steam Link is Finally Back on the App Store

You can finally play your Steam library on your iPhone or iPad as Apple has finally approved the Steam Link app for the App Store.

Apple rejected the app several times last year due to ‘business conflicts’ but seems to have had a change of heart, as the streaming app has just been made available.

Wish You Could Play The Witcher 3 on Your iPhone? Now You Can

Steam Link lets you play your library of Steam games on your iOS device, provided that you have them installed on a device capable of running Steam within the same wifi network.

That’s right – you have to be on the same local network as your Steam device to run games on Steam Link. So it’s not one to play while you’re out and about but it’s great if someone’s using your PC or you’d like to play in bed.

All MFi controllers and the official Steam controller are compatible with this, so there’s no need to worry about playing with naff touch controls.

You can grab Steam Link right now on the App Store. Have fun!