SteamWorld Quest is Half Price Right Now

The SteamWorld games are all pretty darn brilliant. And the latest – SteamWorld Quest – is half price on the App Store right now. Should you be buying it? Well, we think so. Read on and we’ll try and convince you.

The game is a slick card-based RPG set in a gorgeous hand-drawn world. You need to build up a powerful team, and use the cards that you’ve been dealt to take down a host of monsters, ghouls and other foes.

There’s a mix of classic fantasy and steampunk robots here, and a massively deep RPG system. Turn-based battles, XP and all the other things you’d expect are in place, but there are plenty of twists and tweaks that make the game unique.

Basically, SteamWorld Quest is pretty darn awesome. Even at full price we’d suggest picking it up if you have any interest in RPGs, card games, or awesome cog-rattling robots. But for half price? Well that’s pretty much a no-brainer.

SteamWorld Quest normally costs $9.99 on the App Store, but right now you can bag it for $4.99. Click here to download the game and start playing right this second. You’re not going to regret your choice, trust us.