‘Stellar Wars’ Gets a Huge Update, Goes Free!


Over the years Liv Games have earned an outstanding reputation for releasing regular content-expanding updates to their titles — the now-classic Legendary Wars and its follow-up Monster Wars — even long after a game’s initial release. Continuing this tradition, Liv just lavished some serious update love on the Wars series’ most recent installment, Stellar Wars.

Stellar Wars 1.5 beamed onto the App Store earlier in the week and comes packing a huge amount of fun new stuff for fans to enjoy (full details below). Perhaps you don’t yet count yourself a SW fan, though? Well, we’ve got some good news for you too: Liv have temporarily dropped the price to free, so there are absolutely zero reasons not to download this amazing game now!

Here’s the full list of new features:

■ 10 New Version 4.0 Bots with even more powerful specials
■ New Desert Moon Zirah with over 100 Challenges and 20 Nova to Earn in the Alien Ruins!
■ 10 New V4.0 Bot achievements
■ Gorgeous new App Icon
■ Improved Repairbot AI now hangs around and heals only within it’s healing range.
■ Double Speed 2X button, speed up the game speed at any time.
■ Unlock any bot using holograms.
■ Shop can be accessed through the Stellar Map
■ Reduced prices of all bots and upgrades
■ Lots of bug fixes and improvements and balances.

Also, here’s the just-released Stellar Wars 1.5 trailer highlighting its nifty new bots and the Alien Ruins Planet: