Stellaris: Galaxy Command is a Massive Sci-Fi Strategy Game Out Now for iPhone and iPad

Ever wanted to command a massive fleet in the depths of space? Well you’re in luck then, because Stellaris: Galaxy Command lets you do just that. And the game isn’t just about war. You need to use diplomacy, exploration and more to conquer and subdue the stars.

You’re in control of a space station in the far reaches of the known universe. A huge invasion has left the galaxy on the brink of collapse and it’s up to you to set things right. So begins a massive, strategic experience that requires brains as much as it does brawn.

The game is based around the original PC experience, but it’s been changed and expanded for mobile. There’s a new story here, a new UI and more. Everyone playing the game is in the same procedurally generated universe, so your actions are going to effect real people as well as digital ones.

If you’ve played the home original, then you can expect a good few nods and winks to it. Some story events are even direct continuations of things that happen in the original. You can buy and sell, declare cold and open warfare and a whole lot more.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is designed to scratch that space opera itch when you’re on the go. It offers up a massive universe for you to explore and exploit. There’s much more meat on the bones of this one than your average mobile game.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is available to download right now from the App Store. Click that link and you’ll be able to do just that. The game won’t cost you anything to download – which means you’re getting an awful lot of bang for zero bucks.

Have you played the original Stellaris? Been looking forward to this mobile release? Let us know in the comments below. And if you need more info on the game, click here to check out the official Stellaris: Galaxy Command website.