More Stickman-based Hijinks with Stickman Bike Battle

Stickman is truly a man of the people. While it takes a certain amount of artistic skill to draw Mario or an Angry Bird, any old idiot can make themselves a stickman whenever they like. He’s always available.

Developer Djinnworks has carved a niche for itself on the App Store by placing this egalitarian icon in every challenging situation imaginable, from a football pitch in Stickman Soccer to the top (and then the bottom) of a tall building in Stickman Base Jump.

There have even been a couple of bike games in the series, in the form of Stickman Stunt Biker and Stickman Downhill Motocross.

Even so, Stickman Bike Battle is something new. For a start, it looks incredible, with polished 3D visuals and a silky smooth framerate. And it sees you riding a pushbike instead of a motorbike.

That means what it loses in engine noise it gains in fluid, ski-like controls, which makes all the difference.

Spoke and mirrors

Stickman Bike Battle sees you going up against other players in a range of different modes, including 1v1 Race Battles and four-player Race Battles. There are Boss Battles, too, and a couple of different bonus levels. Plus, you can take the action offline if that’s your thing.

These different types of race take place in a variety of different environments, such as beach, snow, and mountain, with more on the way in future updates.

And you can race with a number of different characters. That number is 24, and the cast includes skeletons and ghosts as well as the more down-to-earth beach girl, and of course Stickman himself. There are 20 bikes to unlock as well.

If you’ve ever played a Djinnworks Stickman game you’ll know what to expect in terms of extras. There are daily and weekly leaderboards by rank, full controller support, Android TV compatibility, and support for Nvidia Shield.

Stickman Bike Battle is available for free on the App Store right now.