Sticky Flames’ Collectible Trading Card Game ‘Battles of Telnarus’ Clears Initial Funding Goal


Sticky Flames — a team of programmers stationed in Toronto, Canada — recently announced their plans to create a mobile based TCG by the title of Battles of Telnarus, with Kickstarter being used as their method of development funding. Their project immediately struck a chord with the entire Kickstarter community, since — with 22 days remaining — they’ve already raised over 100% of their requested minimum funding target. As a result — thanks to everyone’s quickly delivered generosity — the actual game is expected to arrive sometime early next year, and will furthermore serve as a stepping stone into a much larger universe.

Sticky Flames’ new TCG is actually a vehicle for them to show off all of the lore, artwork, and character concepts they’ve crafted in service of an entirely different project that’s been in development for a while now: an open-world sandbox MMORPG. In fact — now that their TCG’s existence has been solidly secured — additional stretch goals exist to fund a comic book exploring more of this lore, as well as a series of animated shorts. Furthermore, Sticky Flames intends to accelerate development on a ‘proof of concept’ demo build of the MMORPG itself — assuming the Kickstarter secures more than $10,000 — so that everyone can get an earlier glimpse into their survival driven MMO plans.

10334277_1490994981118839_3458179483264855659_nThis multimedia series will explore the world of Telnarus, which was once home to an ancient and highly advanced race whom had previously used the planet as the primary hub of their entire empire. However, they eventually decided to leave Telnarus — in search of entirely different galaxies to colonize and explore — but before departing they named the Aratti, a noble race of their own creation, the official protectors of their heritage. Sadly the Aratti were perhaps a bit more amiable than they truly should have been, and are now locked in a bitter war with the lizard like Doru — whom they had at first greeted generously — for control of everything that the ancients left behind during their exodus.

Digital TCG fans wondering if they should get in on Battles of Telnarus’ ground floor would do well to read Sticky Flames’ extensive article detailing their upcoming project’s mechanics. Those whom approve of what they read can then — assuming they cast their pledge before August 1st — secure their own copy for $10 (note: there will, due to the specifics of the iTunes Marketplace, be only 100 download slots available for iOS users). Naturally there’s also a bevy of greater rewards — including special cards, additional booster packs, and even the chance to help design lore elements — for those whom donate beyond that amount, with the ultimate prize being a trip to meet all of the developers.