Stone Age Beta registration. Acram Digital has also released a gameplay trailer.

Popular Board-To-Digital Game Stone Age Beta Registration Open Now For iOS Devices

Ever tried your hand at the board game Stone Age? Well, its digital edition is primed to hit mobile devices. But before the big launch, the devs are looking to do a quick trial run. So, Stone Age Beta registration is now open on both iOS and Android platforms.

Stone Age Beta Registration

Acram Digital has opened up beta sign-ups for iOS users. They’ve also released a gameplay trailer that shows off all the features of the digital version. Why not sign up for the beta and get a taste of what Stone Age: Digital Edition has to offer? Check out this official form to hop on board!

The Stone Age Beta registration is open till February 13th. The languages available for Stone Age Beta registration are English, Polish, German, French and Japanese. They haven’t given us an official release date yet. I guess once they close the beta tests, we’ll get a definite date for the mobile launch. Meanwhile, catch a glimpse of the mobile trailer below!

From Boards To Digital Devices

Stone Age is a multiplayer board game by Z-Man Games. It includes food tokens, building tiles, civilisation cards, dice and wooden figures. The Digital Edition of the game dropped for PC on Steam in August 2023. And now, it’s making its way to mobile devices.

In Stone Age, you get to go on this epic journey back to prehistoric times. You’re in charge of your own tribe. You lead them to greatness by being a master at managing resources and making smart decisions. You’ve got to gather stuff like stone, wood and gold and use it to build essential structures.

The game even has a ranking system, so you can see how you stack up against other players. You can play by yourself against some tough AI opponents or challenge your friends online. Are you excited for Stone Age to hit your mobile?

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