StoneAge World is a Midcore MMO With Pet Collection, Out Now for iOS

StoneAge World is a new MMO that’s just been released for iPhone and iPad. It’s from Netmarble, and it’s set in a massive prehistoric world that’s packed with monsters for you to fight, capture and train. Think a multiplayer Pokemon with way more robotic dinosaurs.

A lot of the fiddly controls are taken care of here, letting you focus on collecting new monstrous pets and completing quests. There’s loads to do, and loads of loot and rewards to collect.

Adding new pets to your menagerie involves getting in scraps. You’ll need to whomp the monster a few times in order to weaken it, then toss a rope over it and drag it into your pack. Actually, typing it out makes it sound a little bit cruel.

As you can see from the trailer we’ve embedded above, the game has a lovely cartoon aesthetic. There are different starting characters to pick from, as well as a whole boat load of monsters to hunt down and collect.

On top of that there’s a pretty interesting story about technology, warring factions and the aforementioned giant robotic dinosaurs. Right now there are loads of players in the game too, so it’s a good time to jump in and experience what the deep, fantastical past has to offer.

You can grab StoneAge World from the App Store right now by clicking here. It won’t cost you a thing, and if you’re looking for a new midcore MMO then it’s definitely worth your time.