Strange Horticulture

Love Plants? Then Gear Up For Strange Horticulture, An Occult Puzzler

Strange Horticulture is an upcoming occult puzzle game by Plug In Digital. It’s already available on PC, Xbox and Switch and is making its entry to iOS soon. On the App Store, its expected release date is set as March 26, 2024. Priced at $4.99, it’s a unique, witty and charming puzzle/deduction game.

What’s It About?

Developed by Bad Vikings, the game puts you in the shoes of a local plant shop owner in the beautiful and cosy town of Undermere. It’s full of mountains and hag-infested forests. Everything’s going fine until one day, strange customers start visiting your store. And that sets you off on a mysterious journey uncovering a centuries-old conspiracy.

The story is quite interesting as it unfolds through occult mysteries, conversations with a coven and the chance to join a cult. The gameplay is quite straightforward with a few tricky puzzles and your decisions impact the story.

As the shop owner, your plants are your utmost priority. You look after them daily and also keep track of the inventory. There are 70+ plants and 6 elixirs, both of which you can label after being used. Some plants are toxic or have hallucinogenic properties, so beware while handling them!

Every day, you get different missions at different locations on the map. There are multiple endings in the game with four major paths or choices for you. So, even if you finish all the levels, try one another path the next time and surprise yourself!

You Don’t Need To Be A Botanist!

Strange Horticulture has beautiful plants, illustrations and even plant encyclopaedias! It’s a fun game that’s entertaining, informative and soothing to the eye. What else does a gamer need, right? I’m really excited for this one to drop on iOS! Meanwhile, you can check the game out on the App Store for more details.

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