‘Stronghold 2D’ Kickstarter Needs Your Support!


Do you like games such as Angry Birds and Worms, but wished that they had RTS style defensive structure building in the vein of titles such Red Alert and the old school Warcraft titles? Then perhaps you just might happen to like the cross platform multiplayer action that is being promised in Hunter Long’s Stronghold 2D, currently planned for both the PC and various mobile devices. The catch is that the project’s Kickstarter is not quite yet funded, so unless they raise an additional $160 in the next two days it will forever languish merely as a dream in Mister Long’s head.

2dd45082d4d358fbe35c8dd9b1c4560f_largeImagine a multiplayer world where you build mining facilities to collect resources, and then use those resources to build/upgrade a variety of defensive and offensive structures all in real-time. One such defensive structure will include a giant metal girder like bar, which you can stack and build various shapes with to prevent incoming attacks from managing to reach your vital structures. Of course – thanks Stronghold 2D’s physics engine – if you aren’t careful about your designs then your opponent might find a weak point in your layout, bringing all of your plans toppling literally down.

Toppling stuff is especially important in Stronghold 2D as the bulk of your disposable in-game cash is based around the enemy structures that you raze, rather than what your mining facilities can dredge up. To this end you’ll build facilities for the launching of multi-stage missiles, guns loaded with anti-gravity bullets, and even warheads containing both nuclear and EMP based payloads! Your opponent – however – won’t just merely stand around and watch passively as your incoming onslaught rips them apart, they’ll be trying their hardest to blast it all out of the sky with their own defense lasers.

1b815cdd35fb6f00b5cc60e11f99e049_largeMister Long currently plans to offer the game’s single player campaign for free on the iOS Marketplace, with access to the online multiplayer servers being an unlock fee of five-to-six dollars. However, everyone who backs the Kickstarter right now for at least five dollars will automatically get multiplayer access – as well as initial in-game building fund of $5000 – when Stronghold 2D finally launches. The current plans for multiplayer are to have server rooms that will host ten players each – complete with chat room functionally – with your remaining structures and cash being saved each time you logout, so that your online earnings can be taken from one battlefield to the next.

If this all seems like something you’d want to get in on, then be sure to act fast since – at the time of this writing – Stronghold 2D’s Kickstarter has slightly less than 48 hours remaining. Those who fund at least $35 dollars will get a bonus perk: the ability to have their name appear as a color other than black in the game’s chat rooms, forever letting people everywhere know that you were one of the title’s more dedicated backers. Meanwhile, a donation of $100 – for the most magnanimous people out there of all – will secure you having one of the random townspeople running about forever emblazoned with your name (letting people everywhere blow you endlessly to smithereens).