‘Stutter Rapper’ Set to Give the Word Game Genre a Cool Hip Hop Twist


Luciola Games Studio’s soon to be released iOS debut, Stutter Rapper, sounds like it’s going to be a whale of a good time. Quite literally, in fact, since this wonderfully weird word/rhythm game hybrid sees players taking on the role of a rapping whale called Stutter, who with the assistance of his DJ buddy (a pink… shrimp or octopus, I think?), enters a rap battling contest in the hopes of using the prize money to save his adoptive parents from being “tin-canned” by tuna fishers.

MCing whales and DJing octopuses and undersea rap battles, oh my! Stutter Rapper‘s premise truly is one of the most delightfully demented things I’ve heard in quite some time. Gameplay-wise, Luciola are promising a slightly less crazy — but still intriguing — fusion of word search puzzles and rhythm/timing-based challenge:

Stutter Rapper is the first mobile game to introduce rap beats, rhythms and timed pressure into this genre and make players strongly feel they are actually engaged in a rap battle. The words you form through swiping the letters will be rapped out, which will immediately become the lyrics of your unique rap song. Your performance will be judged by considering how well you pace the words with rhythm and how long the word is, etc.

Stutter Rapper will hit the App Store on November 5th, 2015. It’s going to be a free-to-play title (with optional IAPs). If you’re liking what you’ve seen of the game so far, be sure to paddle on over to Luciola Games Studio’s website to find out more. I’m sure they would appreciate a follow on Twitter, too.