‘Subverses Covert’ Is an Upcoming Spy Game That Will Help You Learn Foreign Languages


In a future where people live in terror of the Red Flu, only one mega corporation — named Omnisource — has the means of producing a viable cure to the ever looming epidemic. Your job is to infiltrate that company and discover just what exactly the secret behind their super cure is, and then freely distribute the means to survive the Red Flu to the terrified masses everywhere. To do this you’re going to have to explore Omnisource’s Tower City in order to find vital evidence proving that the people running this show are corrupt, and then use it to blackmail them for the information that you desperately need.

There’s only one problem with your mission: Omnisource is located in a foreign land, and you’re only just starting to learn the local language.

Thus goes the premise to Subverses Covert, a top-down espionage themed game that aims to help people learn foreign languages in a way far more engaging than merely pouring over a textbook. The catch is that the developers need funding if they’re ever going to finish their quirky concept, which is why they recently approached Kickstarter’s community with a request for $20,000. Things have definitely been looking up so far — with over $11,000 already secured — and yet, with only 15 days remaining, there’s still much work to be done if the secrets to the Red Flu’s cure are ever to be uncovered.

2a4e0764631ffdfb3977b010448029bd_largeThe current planned business model for Subverses Covert (once completed) is to let everyone try the game’s first three levels — from a total of 100 — for absolutely free, all while sampling any of the available languages. Afterwards users may subscribe to the full game — including all 100 tower levels, and every language available — if they should like what they saw, with these subscription fees planned to go towards future development. Because of this there currently aren’t any backer tiers that include a full copy of Subverses Covert, but there are many donation levels — starting as low as $7 — that include varying amounts of subscription time to the final product (among other backer rewards).

These additional backer rewards — for those whom pay more than the minimum amount — include things such as: posters, coffee mugs, keychain whistles, the production art book, and much more. The most exclusive reward of all — however — has to be the chance to have dinner with the entire Subverses Covert team, and then afterwards tour the city of Boston together (this is all assuming that you happen to have an extra $10,000 on hand)! However, should you now desire to help this quest — which aims to discover the truth behind the Red Flu’s cure — then you’ll have to chip in your aid before January 24th arrives, after which Kickstarter will disavow all knowledge of this project’s existence.