Sugar High Review

Like many of us, Biscuit the dog dreams of sliding on his belly through Candyland, gobbling up sugary treats until the dreaded wake-up alarm knocks on his ear drums. The effort to keep him on a Sugar High (Out Now, $0.99) is a well-worn gameplay formula, but it should satisfy your sweet tooth if you’re looking for a new chew toy of the infinite side-scroller variety.

If you’re a long time iOS gamer you’ll find few surprises in Sugar High; the idea is to give Biscuit a gravitational tug by holding at the touchscreen, and it’s important to time these with his downhill slides. Hold on the screen when he’s traveling uphill and you’ll squander his lead on a very monstrous alarm clock that threatens to snatch him up and bring him back to the real world. The landscape shifts at just the right pace to keep your interest if you’re into the genre, but aside from that and some fruity loop-de-loops that give Biscuit a boost if you’re quick on the draw, there isn’t much depth to look forward to here. Adding to the familiar story, you’ll have to slowly work your way back up to the level of intensity that bested you on the previous try.

That said, the one-touch control certainly makes Sugar High pick-up-and-play accessible, and Shortbreak Studios went all out to lather on sugary organic charm. With nine edible environments to blast through, Sugar High promises a lengthy adventure for those who haven’t tired of the genre yet.

iFanzine Verdict: There’s little new to see here if you’re a longtime fan of infinite side-scrollers, but Sugar High masters the genre as well as it can. Consider it a safe bet if you’re looking for yet another endless scroller to satisfy your sweet tooth.