Featured Image for our news on Suika The Watermelon Game. It features the cute fruity characters including cherry, orange, lime, pineapple and more.

Suika The Watermelon Game Is A Fruity Delight Where Tetris Meets 2048

Did you play Suika, The Watermelon Game last year or the year before that? Well, if you didn’t, don’t worry. It’s out now on iOS, but in Japan only. Let’s hope it gets a global release soon. Originally hitting the Switch scene in December 2021, the game already ranks in the 1st place in the Japanese App Store.

What Is Suika?

Suika, The Watermelon Game, is the Nintendo Switch sensation by Aladdin X, a home projector startup. A home projector app developer building a viral online game? Quite surprising! Or maybe not because, initially, Suika had a cold start. But it gained major traction in 2023 when YouTubers like Korone and Hikakin started streaming the game and TV celebrities like Shingo Katori also started posting its gameplay videos.

Post that, Suika went from 2,000 downloads to tens of thousands daily in a blink. By the end of 2023, the game racked up over 5 million downloads worldwide on Switch. Apparently, it was also one of the top-trending phrases on YouTube in 2023.

Stack ‘Em Up

Suika, The Watermelon Game lets you fruits like cherries, strawberries, grapes, satsuma oranges, persimmon, apples, pears, peaches, pineapples, melons and watermelon. Basically, the sequence goes from smaller fruits to larger ones. The goal is to cram them into a box without overflowing. But how do you avoid that?

To prevent overflow, you need to be smart about matching two of the same fruits. This makes them merge into the next big thing in the fruity cycle, leading up to that glorious watermelon. However, there’s a catch! You can’t predict the next fruit drop or know if a nearby fruit is going to pop during a merger.

Ironically, Aladdin X had initially created the game to foster family time as it was originally meant for their projectors. Check out more about the title on the official website of Suika, The Watermelon Game. Also, read our scoop on Blue Archive New Year’s Gift.