The featured image for our Sun Haven Bridge Flower guide, featuring two characters fishing by a pond. A cloud hangs over them and the farm behind them.

Sun Haven Bridge Flower Guide (March, 2023)

If you’ve been struggling to locate the bridge flower, then you can finally rest your worries. We’ve created a Sun Haven bridge flower guide that will cover the location of the elusive spot. We’ll also detail the rewards that you can get for completing the associated quest, so stick around for that.

Sun Haven is a fantasy farming RPG on MacOS and Windows. For more information about the game, check out the official Sun Haven Steam store page. For more guides covering Sun Haven and games like it, check out our Sun Haven multiplayer guide, Sun Haven characters guide, as well as our HoloCure new collabs guide.

Sun Haven Bridge Flower Guide

Without further ado, we’ll crack on with the guide at hand.

Where To Find The Bridge Flower

What puzzles most players with Jun’s flower quest is the location of the bridge flower itself. This is due to it being quite difficult to see the outline of the bridge flower in the specific location that it’s found in, resulting in a lot of players missing it. However, if you follow these simple steps, you’ll have no problem finding it…

  1. Travel to Sun Haven
  2. Find the bridge positioned to the left of the tavern
  3. Next to Anne’s store is an outline for Jun’s flower – place it here

Jun’s Flower Quest

This guide covers just one step to a larger quest – Jun’s flower quest. The quest tasks you with placing four flowers around Sun Haven in order to make the town prettier. The bridge flower is where you can place one of these flowers, and the rest are shown with faint outlines throughout the area.

Rewards For Completing The Quest

As promised earlier, we’ll now move onto the different rewards you’ll receive for completing Jun’s flower quest. They consist of…

  • 4 Earth Crystals
  • 15 Exploration EXP
  • 5 Community Tokens
  • Choice of: 30 Exploration EXP or 2 Water Crystals